Addiction 101

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The Addiction 101 Course is divided into modules: The Basics of Addiction, Making Good Health Decisions, Working on Behaviors, and Planning for Recovery Success. If you haven’t started yet, click on the Basic of Addiction module below to start the Addiction 101 course.

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Course Modules

The Basics of Addiction

Start with the basics of addiction: is it a disease? What are its signs and symptoms? How does it affect your life and the people you care about?

Making Good Health Decisions

Learn more about how addiction makes an impact on other aspects of your health and start planning healthy changes.

Working on Behaviors

Addiction causes personality distortions and damaged relationships. Learn to recognize the damage and begin repairing your behaviors and relationships.

Planning for Recovery Success

Recovery isn’t just about becoming sober. In this module you’ll learn how to start constructing a fulfilling life and protect your recovery.

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