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    November 25 Meditation “Quieting the mind through meditation brings an inner peace that brings us into contact with the God within us.” Basic Text, pp. 46-47 ––––=–––– As our recovery progresses, we often reflect on what brought us to Narcotics Anonymous in the first place and are able to appreciate how much the quality of our lives has improved.  We no longer have to fear our own thoughts.  And the more we pray and meditate, the more we experience a calm sense of well-being.  The peace and tranquility we experience during our quiet times confirms that our most important needs—our spiritual needs—are being met. We are able to empathize with other addicts and strengthen our conscience in the process.  We learn to avoid judging others and experience the freedom to be ourselves.  In our spiritual reflection, we intuitively find “the God within us” and see that we are in harmony with a Power greater than ourselves. ––––=–––– Just for today:  I will reflect upon the gift of recovery and listen quietly for my Higher Power’s guidance.
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    I'd love to give Blaine a shout out thank you that bowl of cereal I dont remember eating changed my life. Jermaine for the clothes you bought now I can repay you with training and Beth thanks for the help and support love yall
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    I'm 102 days clean today..!! <3 keeping it coming..!!
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    Peace is the acceptance of God is In control, and Courage is a love affair with the unknown..
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    So this is going to be the first holiday season that I’m home from prison and clean. Still have yet to rebuild the bridges that I have burnt down my parents are skeptical that I will remain clean for any length of time. December 11 is my first year clean since I was a kid and have worked the same job for almost a year now. So this is my question. Does it get easier like the book and people say?
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    Grateful God woke me up this morning , Grace and Mercy is so evident in my life today, I just want to praise God this morning and give him Glory
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    Went and got a turkey and a few items for Thanksgiving. We about to smash at my house lollll
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    Tryna meet some new ppl In Recovery make some friends
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    Thank you Stepworks for the opportunity and God for giving me multiple chances to get it right!!
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