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Recovering(me) is a powerful online experience that families affected by addiction can use to help better understand the disease and learn how to make and live healthy choices.

Through online video education courses; social interaction with fellow Recovering(me) members via our News Feeds and Forums; and even therapeutic sessions with professionals, Recovering(me) aids in paving the path towards recovery and understanding.

If creating an account, on click “Sign Up Now.” On the new page, fill out the necessary information and click “Next.” Your account should be created at this point. You may be asked to login again with the email and password you entered.

If you already have an account, on click “Log In.” Enter the necessary account information and login.

If you didn’t pass the quiz or if someone in your family would like to take it, after you have completed it successfully, the quiz can be retaken.

Members can add “friends” from within the Recovering(me) community by going to their Friends page.

Once there, you can search and find the people you’d like to stay in contact with  or support their progress within Recovering(me) by submitting a friend request to them.

On iOS devices, go to the settings in the app and select “Members.” All Recovering(me) members will be listed there and you can add or remove friends.

On android devices, go to the navigation menu and select “Members.” All Recovering(me) members will be listed there and you can add or remove friends.

Once on a Group page, select the “Forum” option on the page.

When on the forum page, all the topics and their replies or “threads” will appear. You can either reply to a topic and engage in the conversation or create your own topic. If there’s a reply or topic you want to delete, select the “Trash” option that’s in the editor window.

Groups are a great social feature where Recovering(me) members can interact with others interested in a particular theme or topic.

The Group page will have all the available groups listed. If a group is “Private,” members will have to request access. “Public” groups can be joined immediately.

Within each group, there is a forum feature where members can post questions or comments that relate to the specific group. It’s a great way to make new friends/colleagues and build upon your understanding of addiction and recovery.

To receive notifications a Group’s forum, members must subscribe to it

To subscribe to a forum, go to the forum page of the Group you want to be a part of. On the right-hand side, there will be a light blue word saying, “Subscribe.” Press it and you will start to receive notifications for that forum automatically.

Recovering(me) is free for all users

We have several options available to help the Recovering(me) community have a smooth, enjoyable experience. Our Support page provides direct access to those options.

This FAQ page will provide a lot of useful tips and information about the platform and its various features and functions. It’s updated frequently, so be sure to check back to see what new content is available.

Members can contact us by filling out a quick form and a member of our Support Team will respond as quickly as possible.

Our Chat feature that’s available in the little icon on the bottom, right of every page on Recovering(me). Members can chat live with our Support Team!

There’s also our Helpful Articles page which will provide additional tutorials and support for the whole community.

There’s much more information available on Recovering(me)!

Members can gain new insight and education through engaging with fellow members in Groups. Join one and find out what others are talking about in the topic of your choice.

There’s also the Helpful Articles page where tutorials, news and other useful posts will be easily available to the entire community.

Yes! Below are the handles and links to the Recovering(me) social media accounts

Facebook: recoveringme

Instagram: @_recoveringme

Twitter: @_recoveringme

Recovering(me) members can edit their various settings by going to their Settings page under their profile.

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